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JYPE denies ex-tutor’s claims of WG being ill-treated

A follow-up to this post.

Since the news was published, JYPE CEO JungWook has released a rebuttal statement. He did not deny that the girls were housed in the JYPE New York office, but stated that the building is much the same as the JYPE building in Seoul with two floors for living. He further claimed that Wonder Girls had refused an offer of a dorm in New Jersey. Jungwook added that the claims of Wonder Girls receiving no health insurance was nonsense.

This matter raises so many questions, especially about who is telling the truth. With the Wonder Girls comeback in 5 days and two more teasers to be revealed, I am sure this is not the publicity JYPE were hoping for at this time.

The CEO of JYP Entertainment Jung Wook told Star News, “The interpretation of events was skewed due to cultural differences. There wasn’t any problem and we don’t understand why the problem was brought up now.”

On the problems with housing issues, “The JYP Center in Manhattan is the same structurally as the one in Korea. We proposed to the Wonder Girls that they stay in a New Jersey house, but the girls told us that they preferred to stay in Manhattan so we let them. A two story housing structure is built there.”

About the claim that the Wonder Girls did not have health insurance, “It’s not like the Wonder Girls couldn’t speak about it, if there was an issue like that, do you think they would just sit back and take it? The girls are constantly going between Korea and America while doing activities. No matter how busy they were, if they weren’t receiving professional medical attention and were being treated unjustly, no matter what you would have been notified by someone.”

On the claim that Sunye had to perform hours after her father was rushed to the hospital in a coma, “To say she performed because she wanted to benefit the company is wrong.”

The representative also stated that the company plans to pursue legal action against the person who raised these allegations.

SOURCE: Star News; WonderfulsWorld

Cruel entertainment industry is cruel. idk what to think anymore other than I hope WG will bounce back from all this and have a good comeback :)
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