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Jang Woohyuk's Beijing Concert - May 8th 2010

On May 8th, Jang Woohyuk (formerly of H.O.T and JTL) held his first concert since his release from his military duties in December 2009. The date also marked Woohyuk's 32nd birthday.

During his concert, WooHyuk performed several songs from his solo career as well as going back to his H.O.T days with songs like Candy (which was a very touching H.O.T tribute) and Warrior's Descendants, and even starting off the concert with one of JTL's most popular songs; Enter The Dragon. Probably the most disturbing and hilarious part of the concert would when Woohyuk and his backup dancers donned tight shirts, denim shorts and wigs for an... interesting performance of BEG's Abracadabra.

A crowd favourite was definitely when Woohyuk began dancing Candy alone on stage in his well-known Candy outfit, only to be interrupted by a video tribute that had been made about his old group H.O.T. Although there were rumours of Kangta and Heejun having been invited to perform at his concert, it looks like clashing schedules stopped this from happening, but that didn't mean Woohyuk couldn't still have his own little 'reunion' on stage.

Concert Opening (intro to Enter the Dragon)

 Enter the Dragon

Flip Reverse

Candy (ngl, I teared up a bit)

Abracadabra (not the best quality, but still hilarious)

And just a little extra:


For more fancams, please visit siwunzakiyah's Youtube channel

Article: Me
Video credits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Picture from fuckyeahWoohyuk on Tumblr
A LOT more concert pictures on hyuk0.com
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