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Moon HeeJun exposes "MBLAQ's LeeJoon, is better at cheering than soccer"

Moon HeeJun, who got the role as the MC in the recent reality show, exposed that the "second rain", MBLAQ's Lee Joon was better in cheering than soccer.

In the press conference for MTV 'Idol United' that took place on the 11th in the Lotte Cinema in Seoul MyungDong, Moon HeeJun stated that they were filming reality soccer program and left LeeJoon as the ace for the second half. Then he added, "Maybe it was because he was cheering too loudly, but in the game he was just standing around."

SungEun, who has the manager role in 'Idol United', also stated smiling, "LeeJoon and Mir are the members that can't run for more than 3 minutes per game. However, because they feel like they need to do something in the team, so they both work hard. They are giving so much help that they might go crazy."

Even the same team mate, Mir helped to prove this claim. Mir stated, "Lee Joon hyung is the greatest "dog feet' (meaning that he can't play soccer). You guys will understand what I mean from the first episode."

What is Lee Joon, who has been accused of these claims be thinking of ? He stated, "I am really not a god feet."

When he was asked to choose who will be the MVP, he answered, "We have members that were actually soccer players, but I will choose MBLAQ's Seungho hyung because I feel bad for him." He caused laughter when he supported his claim with, "This person is the person that has his dark circles down to his chin because he didn't sleep for 24 years. We need to give him the MVP."

Other than this, at the 'Idol United' Press Conference, Moon HeeJun stated, "I want to help so that each of their personalities will stand out. I want to do that through this program, but everyone is busy. He added, "Since we have the time we need to end the program, we can't shoot that much of them and bring in their personality. At this time I would like to ask the MBLAQ manager to make sure that this schedule doesn't mix with the date they have a festival to go perform at."

Lee Seung Kyu PD , who is in charge of this whole program, stated, "At the first episode everything was a mess, but after a while it really feels like a team. Even though they aren't on the same team, you guys will be able to see a lot of teamwork. This program will show the fervor inside the idols," showing off his confidence.

Meanwhile, 'Idol United' goes by the motto "Idol's reckless soccer challenge" and it will be a reality sports show that will stretch out to 12 episodes. It includes the high class male idols such as MBLAQ, ZE:A, F.Cuz, DNA, and more, and will have Moon Hee Jun and Sung Eun as the coaching staff.

Source: Nate News
Translation: aoistars@AbsoluteMBLAQ

Aww... do we still have a chance of seeing him score a goal? *coughcough*
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