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Kim Tae-hee pairs with Song Seung-heon in My Princess

Kim Tae-hee has been cast as Song Seung-heon’s leading lady in the upcoming romantic-comedy drama series My Princess.

Not much has been explained about Song’s character, but Kim plays a lively character who dreamed of being a princess when she was younger, but “returns to reality” and goes back to school as a late university student. The twist? One day she becomes a real princess.

Must… resist… snark… reflex…

Oh, screw it. Now THIS is going to be awesome. By which I mean awesomely entertaining in the so-bad-it’s-good way. Because individually, these are two stars who are known for being as limited as actors as they are gorgeous to look at. (They both remind me of really beautiful robots.) Together they will be blinding with their good looks and, if they’re lucky, might just scrape together enough acting talent for one regular actor. (Okay, that last part might have been a little harsh. They have both had projects where they’ve been decent in the overall scheme of things. But in those examples, they were mostly paired up with or overshadowed by much more talented co-stars and epic storylines. Example: their most recent projects, IRIS and East of Eden.)

On top of that, My Princess comes from writer Kim Eun-sook of the Lovers trilogy, City Hall, and On Air. She’s known for sharp, fast-flying dialogue and lots of banter, which is not an area in which either is particularly gifted.

Still? I’m actually looking forward to this. Either they’ll surprise me and be adorable and funny together, or it will be unintentionally amusing. Win-win?

Kim Tae-hee is currently filming the movie Grand Prix and will begin working on the drama in late August. My Princess is looking at a premiere later this year.

Source: yonhap news
Via: dramabeans

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