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Super Junior is Super Junior - Kim Heechul Cyworld Update!

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Super Junior 4

2010.05.12 06:22

Super Junior 4

'Beauty' has come out

The album will come out soon

Setting a mission at 28 is a little embarrassing but
I'm thinking of trying a simple and impactful missionㅋㅋ

Super Junior is Super Junior

No matter what others say we are us
We're us if we do well and us even if we fail
I don't need to become anyone else and there's no reason why anyone should become like me
I'm just me and we're just us

You could say I'm using my role as a leader to tell others to be quiet and admire but

Those who believe in me and follow me hold the album reverently in their two hands
and powerfully but politely yell out

"Super Junior is Super Junior"

My philosophy (or will) is that I (or we) try to keep etiquette even if i (or we) act badly or rudely

SuJu is SuJu

Original Source: 김희철's Cyworld.
Translated by ♥ jubee ♥ at SJ-WORLD.NET
Do not take out without credit.

He said it all. Well done, Heenim.
Tags: cyworld, kim heechul

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