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Xiah Junsu nominated for The Musical Awards

TVXQ's Xiah Junsu (real name Kim Junsu) has been nominated for The Musical Awards' 'Best Newcomer Award'.

Xiah Junsu had his first experience as a musical actor in the musical 'Mozart!' and although he was a little unstable during the first couple of shows, many critics said he overcame this as the shows progressed; he was also able to show an almost sold-out ticket power.

Xiah Junsu's nomination is receiving attention for the fact that aside from Ok Joo Hyun, who has settled firmly into the musical industry, Xiah Junsu is the only idol star to be nominated for The Musical Awards.

Others who were nominated alongside Xiah Junsu were Choi Suyoung of 'Notre dame de Paris', Juwon of 'Spring Awakening' and Aenok of 'Romeo and Juliet'.

On the other hand, the fourth The Musical Awards will take place on June 7th at the Sejong Cultural Hall.

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i'm so proud TT___TT <3
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