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2NE1’s Minzy is a Gundam master

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Via her me2DAY, 2NE1 maknae Minzy got in touch with her youthful side and updated her fans with a short message and a picture of a couple Gundam models that she made!

In case, you had a deprived childhood and lived under the earth’s crust with the mole people, a Gundam is a flying robot from a Japanese cartoon and it owns so much face that it eats babies for breakfast. Yes, babies. Due to the popularity of the show, a series of “build it yourself” models have been sold.

As she uploaded the photo she said,

Recently I’ve been collecting Gundams!! Working really hard with manager oppa..I’ve really become fond of these rascals after building them~♥ So pretty.

Though a giant robot that poops out bombs is far from pretty, it’s true that looking at your own creation is a beautiful thing. Of course many children have never actually completed a Gundam for they chuck it across the room out of frustration because part G3 looks like part H18 but when you realize that it’s too late! And so you go play Pokemon on a giant gray Gameboy. Ah, childhood.

source : AKP

lulzy commentary... but ooh, another gundam fan!
imagine a huge perfect grade version outside of YG building just to add to the cool factor...
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