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Lee Jung Hyun Opens Up About Boypren

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Lee Jung Hyun revealed that she has a boyfriend who is currently in Hong Kong.

In an interview with Newsen today, she revealed this information.

She said, “I’ve known him for six years and I started dating him four years ago. When I was busy, I could only meet him every two months.”

“Truthfully, It’s hard to call him because of the time difference and because I am also preparing for my album,” she admits. “He is a person who makes me feel comfortable like my family.”

To let us know how serious the relationship is, Lee Jung Hyun also says that she plans to get married within three years, but right now her work is more important.

Lee Jung Hyun recently released her seventh album, Lee Jung Hyun 007th this Tuesday.

Her comeback stage will be on the 13th on M.Net Countdown.

Source(s): OMGKPOP + Newsen
Translations: wjlee91

She spends a lot of time in China, so I'm not surprised.

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