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Yuri & Sunny are Leaving Invincible Youth

As the news broke that 1 – 2 members would be leaving Invincible Youth earlier this week, there were mounting speculation among fans that SNSD’s Yuri and Sunny were the likely ones to be leaving the show.

And it looks like they were right.

A production staff confirmed the news on the 14th, “Yuri and Sunny will be leaving the show in June. The reasons being that they are entering the Japanese market and also need to prepare for their Asia concert tour.

He added, “We are still currently auditioning among girl group members to take over their spots in the show.” As for the newest speculation among fans that Secret’s Sunhwa would be leaving too, he said, “There’s no truth in that.”

They only recently celebrated Kim Tae Woo’s birthday. So sad it’s breaking up.

Source: AKP, MyDaily

Before anyone laments on the lack of pink subs there may be afterwards, KBS world airs this show, thus there are other English subs available. Personally I DL them here and they release faster than SSF anyway.

lol, how mean @ comment regarding Sunhwa. Anyway we all pretty much saw this coming, but regardless I'll miss these two ace members. Good luck to their Japanese activities & Asia tour! Don't be afraid to make a pit stop in America, too.
Also, word on the street is that an f(x) member might come onto the show. But that's just what I heard on Twittuh.
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