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Who do you want to kiss on Coming of Age Day?

Girls’ Generation member Yoona and SHINee’s Jonghyun were picked as the stars people want to give a kiss to as a present on Coming of Age Day.

SHINee’s Jonghyun came in 1st place in a poll held by community portal site DC Inside (www.dcinside.com) from the 6th to the 13th, ahead of Coming of Age Day, with the topic ‘The star you want to give a kiss to as a present on Coming of Age Day?’

Winning 3019 (36.1%) out of a total 8368 votes, Jonghyun became the second SHINee member to become an adult following leader Onew, who met Coming of Age Day last year.

Jonghyun commemorated Coming of Age Day early alongside SHINee members with a surprise party through KBS JOY’s ‘SHINee’s Hello Baby’ and received a deep ‘kiss’ as a present from Yoogeun, whom they raised as their son on broadcast.

Following this was Girls’ Generation’s Yoona coming in 2nd place with 1189 votes (14.2%). Yoona, who is in the midst of great success as an overall entertainer through variety, drama, CF, etc., is garnering popularity as a Girls’ Generation member with her clean and fresh image.

Actress Park Shinhye was picked for 3rd place with 880 votes (10.5%). Park Shinhye, who was a child actress, is receiving much love from fans with her cute and lively image, which is like that of a youngest sibling. 2PM Junho, who is becoming an adult along with fellow member Chansung, came in 4th place and Girls’ Generation Sooyoung, ‘innocent glamour’ Shin Saekyung, and Davichi Kang Minkyung followed.

Source: Star News
Original article: here
English translation: live laugh love @ soompi
Credit: SHINee Soompi Thread
Tags: jonghyun, park shin hye, poll, sooyoung, yoona

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