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Seo In Young feels burdened by her comeback

Ex-Jewelry member, Seo In Young will be releasing her first official solo album since leaving the group.

Seo In Young had released a solo album while she was still part of Jewelry, however, this will be her first solo album without the label, ‘Jewelry’s Seo In Young‘.

Seo In Young said, “This is my first solo album without the title of Jewelry’s Seo In Young, but just me, myself, and I. I felt burdened because I felt the pressure to show a new side of myself. After pondering for awhile, I realized that I simply wanted to share my memories with everyone.”

This album will be full of songs that are quite different from Seo In Young’s previously powerful and fancy songs and performances. Her jacket photo even shows a more elegant and sophisticated side that portrays the warmth and loveliness of spring. Her title song, Written as Love, Sung as Pain, will show off Seo In Young’s powerful vocals.

Also, the album will include her hit IRIS OST song, Can’t I Love You as well as Teach Me from her first solo album. Her famous cover of Park Sun Joo’s Goodbye Romance, as well as Lee Eun Mi’s I Have a Lover will also be featured in her new album.

source: allkpop

it's okay elly i still love you!

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