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Lee Teuk talks about Shindong’s proposal

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Super Junior’s Lee Teuk opens up about Shindong’s thank you note proposal to his girlfriend.

Lee Teuk met with the press on the 14th at KBS2TV ‘Music Bank’ waiting room and revealed “We jokingly told him to get married within the year”

Shindong is dating a girl from outside the entertainment industry. This was revealed when fans cracked the code in his ‘thanks to’ note in
Super Junior’s 4th album. The code written in his ‘thanks to’ is translated as “Nari-ya, let’s get married. I’m proposing to you. I’ll love you forever”. In addition, Shindong’s agency, SM Entertainment has officially acknowledged the fact that he has a girlfriend.

Lee Teuk said “Our members have met up with his girlfriend too. She’s a good friend of ours. Yesterday, when Heechul saw the post by the fans (regarding Shindong’s code), he contacted Shindong and Shindong sent a mass text to all the members saying ‘Sorry’”

He added “No wonder Shindong was grumbling in front of the computer when we were all writing our ‘thanks to’ notes. Shindong repeated his apology again because it’s been a long time since we released an album but he ends up hogging all the attention, but we said its okay”

Super Junior made their comeback through ‘Music Bank’ today with their title track off their 4th album ‘Miinah’ and drew attention with their powerful skate dance.


Translated by: Sparkskey @ 

A close friend of both Nari and Shindong confirmed that the girl in the pictures netizens dug up is Shindong’s girlfriend. According to him “She’s 21 years old, seems to be 158, and is a cute girl. She’s very talented and interested in trot music. I think she has plans to debut in future” (T/N: omitted all irrelevant parts of the article. I have no idea how true this article is either since 'close friends' might also be known as 'attention-seekers')


Why am I not surprised that Heechul was the first to know that the fans know? ㅋㅋ
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