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Seo In Young reveals the know-hows to shopping in Singapore where she had previously spent a little vacation at.

On lifestyle channel O’Live, a programme ‘ ‘It’ city Seo In Young goes shopping in Singapore’ follows Seo In Young in search for the fashion times of year 2009.

Seo In Young explored the different shopping hot spots within the Orchard Road, Demsey Hill, ChinaTown, Clarke Quay etc.

The first shop that Seo In Young entered was the shoe shop. There she bought tens of pairs of shoes, all of different colours and style in one instance, which shocked even the shop managers.

And then she did a little aegyo (act cute), “It would be good to adopt all these shoes are my babies.”

Her ‘Must have item’ is known to be the 12-15cm tall high heels. But a pair of flat shoes caught her attention. People in the surrounding then said, “I can’t imagine Seo In Young wearing flat shoes.” But Seo In Young answered, “I have to wear flat shoes because I have to protect my waist too.”

At the end of the day, Seo In Young went back to the hotel and laid down all her shopping items of the day on the bed. There were blue pants, chiffon miniskirts, one pieces, flower printed shoes - all the hot summer fashion items that Seo In Young have spotted.

Seo In Young said, “Personally, I like Singapore a lot. The most impressionable ones will be the multi shops where you can get to see various brands in just one place.”

This episode on O’Live will be aired on O’Live channel on 4th may at 12 midnight.

Source: Sookyeong

This post is specially for adiscodance who is coming to Singapore soon.
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