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Lee Jun-ki tells all

Another top star, Lee Jun-ki, has found his way to Kang Ho-dong’s variety show ‘The Knee Cap Guru’.

On the show, the star revealed the story of his rough journey to stardom. Can you believe the star was rejected at over 50 auditions in 1 year before getting signed with a company? Or that he committed a crime by making a fake National ID card so he could work? Well, he did.

The 27 year old recollected back to the time when he thought it was necessary to take off his shoes before getting on an airplane. And went on talking about his stay in Japan and having to work part-time jobs in order to support himself. Even after his appearance in the drama ‘My Girl’ it sure seemed like he got a fair share of fame but apparently not. He stated that he was rejected at a number of other auditions up until his audition as ‘Gong-gil’ for the movie ‘The King’s Men’. The star stated that during the month long audition, he performed with the mind-set that he would risk his entire life in order to get the part. He not only memorized all of his lines by heart for the audition but learned to do the hand-stand and tumbling, in order to be more like ‘Gong-gil’. Of course that’s the job of all actors and actresses. But you all know there’s more than enough actors that don’t make that extra effort because they trust their looks to make up for it. And it’s good to know the actor isn’t just another pretty face in the industry.

Lee Jun-ki’s episode of ‘The Knee Cap Guru’ will air on the April 29th and May 6th. Tune in to hear the rest of his journey to stardom and the truth behind his scandal with pop star BoA.

Source: Popseoul
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