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The Housemaid screens at home at at Cannes

The film is currently at Cannes International Film Festival, where it screened yesterday (May 13). The Korean press has kept a close eye on the reaction, and particularly regarding its stars Jeon Do-yeon (who won Best Actress at Cannes for Secret Sunshine in 2007) and Lee Jung-jae. Initial press has been positive and while The Housemaid has been described as suspense thriller, it also drew laughs for its black comedy. In addition to the two leads, veteran actress Yoon Yeo-jung drew praise as the elderly housekeeper.

The cast and director gave the film’s official press conference at Cannes today, where the director explained that he was surprised when not just one but two Korean films were accepted into the festival’s competitive portion (the other is Poetry, which stars Yoon Jung-hee and Ahn Nae-sang). He also talked about the necessity for updating the film from the 1960 original, pointing out that Korea is well-known for its incredibly fast development in the past half-century, but that the central themes at the core (adultery, love, sexual relationships) are just as relevant now as they were then.

The Housemaid also released yesterday at home, and has already attracted an impressive 170,000 theatergoers in its very first day.

Sources: BNT News, E Daily
Via: dramabeans
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