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YG's gonna be a daddy! :D

Looks like Yang Hyun Suk’s going to be adding another title to his name: it’s been revealed that the CEO and founder of YG Entertainment is going to be a baby daddy in just a few months!

Today, it was revealed through a phone interview that Yang’s longtime girlfriend Lee Eun Joo was pregnant. Back in March, YG revealed his nine-year relationship with the Swi.T idol and hinted at marriage plans for the near future.

“My exact birthday is in December ‘69, Year of the Chicken, [and] now [I'm] 40. I didn’t think I would ever marry,” Yang said today. “Now I am slowly quitting the solo life. If I get married later, I don’t plan to make it open to the public. If I do get married, it will be quiet.”

Although the news is coming as a surprise for many, nine years definitely shows dedication. Whether a wedding is publicly announced or not, I guess this means there will be wedding bells ringing soon… Congrats to Mr Yang and his future family, we wish them the best!

source: AKP
Awww! :D
Tags: baby, yg entertainment

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