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U-kiss on Heroes Challenge

Actor Kim Soo Ro became a soccer coach for a sports reality program 'Heroes Challenge', and the poster of this new show will be unveiled on May 13th.

The poster that is going to be revealed will featured the celebrities that have been selected through the 'Kim Soo Ro soccer team' open audition, which are U-KISS, Marco, One Two and Sung Daehyun. The poster will show the celebrities with their serious and intense images, which is unlike their usual broadcast images. The viewers are already anticipate for this show.

In 'Heroes Challenge', 'Kim Soo Ro Soccer Team' which leads by Kim Soo Ro, is going to have matches with a strong opponent team that leads by the Korea's former national soccer player, Yoo Sang Chul. Lots of people have already anticipate on how the result is going to be.

Upon the revelation of the poster soon, Oh Young Geun PD stated "The celebrities that have been selected have shown us their extraordinary and fresh looks through the audition. Their unpredictable story will be unfolded and captures the viewers' attention."

The first broadcast of the sports reality program 'Heroes Challenge' will be airing at the end of May through E!TV and SBS Plus.


U-KISS has been selected as the members of Heroes FC team, that leads by actor Kim Soo Ro.

The opening ceremony of sports reality program ‘Heroes Challenge’ and it’s team, Heroes FC, was held on last May 9th at Daechi Sports Park in Seoul.

Kim Soo Ro held an open audition for ‘Heroes Challenge’ in order to recruit members for the team, where they will challenge the professional footballer.

The audition were openly conducted on May 7th and May 9th, which attended by celebrities and public people.

U-KISS, Marco, One Two, Sung Daehyun and other celebrities had to gone through several tests prepared by Kim Soo Ro, such as 50m run, cone shooting and mini games in order to be confirmed in the team.

‘Heroes Challenge’ will be aired through cable TV SBS Plus and E!TV by the end of this May.


ROCKETBOXX and Mimi@continukiss

So this must be one reason why the boys won't be a part of Idol United anymore. Now all of the members will feature in their own soccer show. You go U-Kiss.
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