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Boy Group from Hong Kong Accused of Plagiarizing Big Bang


Hong Kong-based boy group Bro5 was recently placed under fire by Korean netizens for their year-old song and music video entitled ‘Who’s Dope?’ The video, which features the boys singing and dancing in loose-fitting clothes, has been said to hold many similarities to previously used concepts by Big Bang during their promotions for VIP and Lalala.

Netizens who watched this video accused the Hong Kong band of “[copying] the concept and song,” and stated that the song was “really the same [as] Big Bang’s.” Some went as far to claim that Who’s Dope wasn’t “just one song [but] a patchwork of many songs.”

A video was uploaded to display the similarities between Big Bang’s productions and that of Bro5’s, which gathered much attention among Korean and international fans alike.

So far, YG Entertainment has shown no signs of reacting to such allegations.

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