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Yoona: "I want to become closer to Sunye unni"

2AM Jo Kwon garners interests by calling up Wonder Girls SunYe.

On SBS Family Outing 2 aired on 16th May, the Family members paid a visit to KangWonDo YangGoo BaeGgop Village. Before their performance they had prepared that day for the armed forces officers, Jo Kwon made a call to his close friend Wonder Girls SunYe who was in the States, “Can you come to Korea now? I want you to come in 4 hours.”

So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA then said, “Unnie is in the same school year as me.” And SunYe answered, “That’s right, because I can’t go to school (often)..” It was an awkward greeting, but YoonA continued, “When unnie return to Korea, I wish to be good friends with unnie.” And Sunye, “Alright”.

Meanwhile, YoonA had a solo stage for the Family’s performance which received overwhelming responses from the 1,500 over armed forces officers.

Source: WonderfulsWorld, keoconvoi

lol of course. Sunye is a goddess.

ETA: Video removed by SBS's evil internet claws T_T Prz to enjoy the picture instead.
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