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KARA World Cup song ‘We’re With You’ deemed inappropriate for broadcast by KBS

It has been known that KBS has deemed KARA’s world cup song ‘We’re With You’ as inappropriate for broadcast.

The reason that KBS stated for the decision is that the song made use of SBS’s world cup campaign sound in its background, which is indirect advertising for the other broadcast company.

A KBS official told StarNews on 17th May, “The world cup song made used of an advertisement song in it which made it an indirect advertisement, that is why we deemed it inappropriate for broadcast.”

Meanwhile, recently KBS has also deemed the songs ‘The Shouts Of Reds’ by Hwang SeonHong Band and ‘Ring For Me Once More’ by Kim JangHoon and Psy inappropriate for broadcast.

It seems that there is discord between SBS and the other 2 broadcast centres MBC and KBS since it has got the relay rights to the 2010 World Cup.

Update: The song is accepted for broadcast by MBC.

Source: sookyeong
Tags: censorship, kara

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