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[Star diary, Part 1] Taeyang "I’ve appeased loneliness by listening to the radio"

The singer who has a calm way of talking, a humble attitude, and a unique and attractive voice. I met Big Bang’s Taeyang (23,·real name Dong Young Bae), who is favorable to anyone, even if they’ve seen him just once. Taeyang whose shy smiling eyes are impressive, looked aflutter before the release of his full album. He showed his own attractiveness on the last solo activity as well, but that was just a warm-up for the upcoming album.

Taeyang says he was a bit depressed last year but he is likely to show a lot of new things he has in store of this year. I heard a story once, that there was a boy who bared his loneliness by listening to the radio during his childhood, he grew up as a singer who delighted numerous people, despite the worries he had along the way, he shared his shining dream. Taeyang’s ‘Star diary’ is going on from part 1 to part 10. (editor’s annotation)

“I was a crybaby in my childhood. I used to cry because I had to go to kindergarten in the mornings. I cried at the thought that ‘what if my mom isn’t home when I come back from kindergarten?’. I was a real crybaby who cried three or four times in a day…”

Soft-hearted ‘crybaby’ Taeyang liked music especially. His brother, who is 5 years older than him, also liked music, so he was able to experience different genre’s of music at an early age.

“I listened to a lot in addition to pop or the classics. I liked biographies of musicians like Mozart, Schubert and Beethoven, so much that I remember them [the biographies] even now. It’s vague, but I also learned to play the piano with a lot of focus because I liked music.”

Having more and more time alone, he began to enjoy music earnestly. IMF (International Monetary Funds) approached his family when he was in the fourth grade. His father’s company, which was doing decently, became bankrupt and he had to move to a relative’s house.

Taeyang had to live separated from his parents at a very early age and relied only in the place he lived. He was befriended by the radio and his music. Even though he couldn’t buy every record he wanted to listen to with the small amount of pocket money he had, the radio world always welcomed him warmly.

“I listened to radio a lot while keeping to myself, when I was separated from my parents. It was a lonely and difficult time but it was bearable because I could listen to the radio”

Taeyang was left alone at that time, hoping to help his parents. Seeing his home vanishing, he learned what it was like to be lonely, earlier than others his age. But those times when he was left alone have now become his stepping stones to grow up as a singer.

Source: Asiae
Translation: myokoon@alwaystaeyang

Happy Birthday YoungBae!
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