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Taecyeon's Totally Thrilling Army Talk

2PM Ok TaecYeon appeared flustered when asked about going to the army.

On SBS Family Outing 2 aired on 16th May, the Family members made a trip down to KangWonDo BaeGgop Village. And the Family members prepared a public performance for the Nodo armed forces which never been to a public performance by entertainers 63 years into its establishment.

And during the show, TaecYeon appeared flustered after being asked about going to the army. The Family members traveled to the headquarters of the Nodo armed forces in an army truck, and their comments were, “Really first time sitting in one of these.”

In the process, YoonA asked TaecYeon and Jo Kwon, “Oppa will have to ride on these soon.”

With that TaecYeon’s response was, “That.. we are now..” and was unable to continue his words.


Meanwhile, the show that day achieved a viewership rate of 10.3%.

souce: kbites via  via nate

-the whole thing is confusing ...does he even have to go?
Tags: taecyeon, tv shows

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