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‘Night Star’ PD “Onew, has potential like Lee Seung gi”

“At first Lee Seunggi was not the Lee Seunggi he is now, either.”

The potential of SHINee’s Onew, who is taking on his first challenge as an MC through KBS 2TV’s weekend variety program ‘Night Star,” was rated highly by the head PD.

‘Night Star’ is a nighttime variety which seeks out citizens who work during the night to deliver nighttime snacks and promotes good deeds with viewers through Nocturnal Lightning. Onew took on a role in the MC group together with Shin Dongyup, Yoon Jongshin, movie director Jang Hangjun, and Gil.

On the first broadcast on the 16th, however, Onew was overshadowed (?) by his four seniors who are strong fast-talkers and showed the image of being unable to properly show his thoughts. This image of Onew resulted in criticism on the program’s viewer message boards. On the first broadcast Onew did not have a particular role.

Jo Seungwook PD, who is in charge of production, said “Lee Seunggi is experiencing much success on variety programs now, but at first Lee Seunggi was not the Lee Seunggi he is now,” and evaluated “Of course Onew cannot do well right from the beginning, but he has potential like Lee Seunggi.”

Jo PD said “It is not an easy task for Onew, as someone who is new to variety, to display variety feel among sunbaes who possess tough talking abilities,” and revealed “However, as SHINee’s leader he has shown a sincere and responsible image, and on the ‘Star Golden Bell’ variety program his wit is not unusual and that is why we invited him.”

Jo PD said “I am fully anticipating Onew’s activities in the future as the young blood of the program,” and affirmed that “He will find his place if we just wait and see a little.”

* The last paragraph was not translated, as it did not pertain to Onew.

source | edaily
translation | live laugh love @ soompi
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