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2PM- Wonder Girls vs BEAST-4minute 'Two roofs one family' showdown?

Wonder Girls... 4minute 'challenge'

Strictly speaking, 2PM- Wonder girls and BEAST- 4minute are part of separate agencies. One side is JYP Entertainment and the other side is Cube Entertainment. The fact that Cube’s President Hong Seung Sung was the former president of JYPE and that some members of BEAST and 4minute were JYP trainees makes the people who know this think that these ‘two roofs for one family’ are clashing.

The Wonder Girls opened fire first. On the 26th they released “Two Different Tears” simultaneously all over the world for the first time in a long time. The reaction was amazing. Even the 2PM situation and claims of unfair treatment of the Wonder Girls didn’t get in the way of releasing their song online.

The Wonder Girls releasing an album for the first time in a while and the anticipation for their activities in Korea with JYPE handling Wonder Girls’ activities separately, they will have no problem taking the winning place during May’s girl group battle.

However, the challenging group 4minute aren’t a group to be overlooked. Last year when they debuted in June, they were overlooked in the music industry and labeled as ‘fake 2ne1’ and ‘HyunAh’s group.’ However, within 9 months they became one of the top girl groups. They even reached the Japanese and Thai markets and received international attention.

Leaving aside the battle, the Wonder Girls, a group that traveled to succed in America after they were Korea's top girl group, and 4minute, a group that debuted less than a year a go, but is going strong, will be interesting to watch as they progress.

2PM-BEAST ‘Girl Group Support’

The Wonder Girls and 4minute battle also involves the boy groups of the separate companies, 2PM and BEAST, two boy dance groups that are walking in similar footsteps. Wonder Girls and 4minute, as a senior group and a junior group, have support from the boy groups.

On the 16th, 2PM held a launch event to thank and greet the Wonder Girls’ fans and in Thailand, Nichkun’s brother Nichan was the MC at the Thailand Wonder Girls event.

For BEAST, a more active side was shown. On the 17th they supported the group by featuring in 4minute's teaser on their websites showing their friendship.

The teaser makes you think of a back alley with a hip hop beat and members of 4minute and BEAST show their charm with a street battle. Yong Joon directly took part in making the rap and filming.

Wonder Girls will return to Korea for two weeks after their launch event to participate in activities and 4minute will release a new album through an online site on the 19th.

Reported by: Yoo Myung Joon
Credit: NATE News
Translated by michystar @ W2D

TEAM EVERYBODY! 8D Though realistically WonderPM's probably got it in the bag.
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