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SS501 to Comeback in end-May

5 member popular idol group SS501 will have their full comeback by end of this month, joining the music industry’s ‘Big Bang’ in May.

SS501’s management company DSP media told Money Together Star News on 18th “SS501 will return to their fans with a new album on 27-May. This album will be a mini album.

He added “5 members namely, (Kim) HyunJoong, (Kim) HyungJoon, (Heo) YoungSaeng, (Kim) KyuJong, (Park) JungMin, all members are currently diligently recording for the album.”

Coming June, with the expiration of contract between SS501 and DSP Media, there has been several rumors on SS501’s future movements, however one representative explained that SS501 members gives no attention to those rumors and are currently immersed in recording works for their album.

This representative said “We knew about the rumors going on, we heard over 5 types of rumors.” He requested “The rumors aren’t the truth, SS501 members are currently working hard on their new album, we will be thankful if you can put attention and concern on their album instead.”

source: star.mt.co.kr + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

okay, I don't know what to believe, there're 2 another articles about boys coming back on 28th and 31th...but till THEY'RE COMING BACK IN MAY. But MINI album, damn you DSP D; Anyway let's celebrate
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