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SNSD HyoYeon’s crush is 2AM Jo Kwon?

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So Nyeo Shi Dae HyoYeon
garners attentioin with her confession that there is a male idol she is having a crush on.

She was on SBS Strong Heart on 18th May when she said, “There is a male idol I really really like. He would appear in my dreams. And I would think about him before I sleep everyday.

Not feeling sad or lonely about her crush, HyoYeon said, “The day we have the same schedule at the same broadcast centre, I will put more efforts in preparing. Even though the other members will do rehearsals with their bare faces, I would have make up on thinking that the someone will be looking at us.” And it is known that the other SNSD members are aware of HyoYeon’s crush too. HyoYeon added, “Even though the members will try to push me to him when he passes by, it made me seemed weird.”

Yuri then said, “When we passes by at the broadcast centre, I tried pushing HyoYeon to him before, and HyoYeon would get annoyed saying, ‘Aim properly! I’m being pushed to the kid next to him instead.”

As for who HyoYeon’s crush is, there were some hints given – he does not have double eyelids, has a great sense of humour and dance well. And this came down to the options of Big Bang DaeSung, 2PM WooYoung and 2AM Jo Kwon.

HyoYeon said, “DaeSung sshi is someone whom I want to be friends with.” And on Jo Kwon, “When you go home and search on the internet, you’ll know. But though there will be no answers when you search online…”

HyoYeon then did a video message on the show that day to her crush, “I have no confidence to go closer to you. But I’ll have a crush on my own.”


From a newsen report, Yuri also revealed that HyoYeon would imagine to be making a call with her crush even though after that when Yuri checked, HyoYeon did not call anyone.

K Bites

HyoYeon's crush is?

Kkap Kwon
Ssanti WooYoung
Dumb and Dumber DaeSung
It HAS to be Leader DooJoon!
Well of course it's Anchovy EunHyuk

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