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Wooyoung Receives a Confession of Love from a Female Celebrity


But fangirls, please don’t take out your whips and torture devices just yet… at least not until you know her name.


On the May 17 episode of SBS PowerFM ‘Choi Hwa Jung Power Time,’ DJ Choi Hwa Jung sparked much interest when he turned towards 2PM member Wooyoung and asked, “Have you ever received interest from a female celebrity?” The poison-cheeked idol grabbed the attention of even more fans when he hesitantly replied, “Yes, I have.”

Curious, Choi Hwa Jung then asked, “What kind of person was she? Can’t you tell us who it is?” Despite his nagging, as well as the pleads of commenting listeners who wrote, “Huk, Wooyoung please don’t be that way~ Who the heck is it?” “Even though it’d be [surprising] if you’d said you’d never been hit on by a celebrity, now that you’ve told us you have I’m so sad,” Wooyoung was still persistent on keeping the girl’s identity a secret.

Wooyoung then attempted to change the subject, which probably worked, since his topic of choice was on his ideal type. He revealed that he prefers girls “with whom I could have good conversations with” and that he doesn’t “like girls who can dance well [as] I feel like those kinds of girls will just dance with me and leave it at that. If she can’t dance, I can teach her how.”

Wooyoung’s skills in garnering attention were quite successful on this episode, as his appearance with his fellow 2PM members attracted 300,000 visits to the bulletin board of the show, along with roughly 50,000 comments on the episode.

It looks like fangirls won’t be able to hunt down Wooyoung’s confessor of love just yet! Maybe, with a little more persistence and nagging, we’ll learn her identity soon. For now, we’ll have to be content with practicing our conversation skills… and worsening our dance abilities.


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