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Do You Want a Body like Changmin’s?

Well, it’s not going to be easy! The singer went shirtless for a photoshoot to be included in the June issue of Cosmopolitan, which will hit magazine racks beginning May 20th.

During this photoshoot, he revealed his diet secrets, as well as the routines he went through to get his amazing body.

Changmin lost a grand total of 30kg, or about 66 pounds, in a time span of five years. During this time, he picked up the habit of dieting and continues his procedure of “waking up in the morning [and] having 500mL of water, a multivitamin, and half of an apple. Every three hours, I eat smoked chicken breast, one sweet potato, and if I get hungry I eat a little salad” to this day. This diet enabled him from becoming the singer with only his voice to be proud of to an entertainer with one of the best bodies in the industry.

Cosmopolitan then went on to explain that during the photoshoot, Changmin was allowed to do some brief exercises to loosen up his body, but because his muscles had become so large, the shirt that they had provided for the photoshoot did not fit him. The photographers were then forced to take pictures of him shirtless, which received a lot of attention from the female staff members – as it surely will for fangirling-prone magazine subscribers, too!

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