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[Star diary, Part 2] "On my 12th birthday, my present for myself is…"

Taeyang (23,·real name Dong Young Bae) has liked music ever since he was little. But, being raised at a relative’s home, he was sent to an acting academy. "It was probably because acting academies were booming in those days. My cousins were also going to acting academies, so I went together with them. But that wasn’t what I wanted"

Although he never cared for the acting academy, it was because of this he got the opportunity to become a singer. It was during his time at the acting academy, he was able to appear in Jinusean’s music video as ‘little Sean’.

"The acting academy allowed me to participate in auditions. I was often an extra at that time. However, accidentally, YG was looking for someone to take in Jinusean’s music video, I had the audition and got picked as ‘little Sean’".

He met Yang Hyun Suk, the representative of YG entertainment, while working as ‘little Sean’. For little 12-year-old Taeyang’s eyes, Jinusean and representative YG couldn’t look greater.
"[Their]Music and clothing looked very nice. I thought ‘I must get into this company, even if I’m just here to be in a music video’".

Being ‘little Sean’, he did music programs with Jinusean. Finally, on the day of the last broadcasting, little Taeyang poured his heart out and said he wanted to join YG and rep. Yang said that he can do so.
President Yang Hyun Suk said he would call me to come later. It may have just been some words to make me feel good because I was a cute looking boy, and thats why I misunderstood."

He waited for months, but the phone call didn’t come. Eventually, Taeyang gallantly walked into YG’s office on his birthday and he went straight to the president’s office.

"Why didn’t you call me" (Taeyang)
"…I forgot. Come and train starting tomorrow."(Yang Hyun Suk)

Taeyang gave himself the present of ‘entering into YG’. And so, his sad and happy trainee life began.

Source: Asiae
Translations: Myokoon@alwaystaeyang
Tags: big bang, interview, taeyang

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