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_Junho tells how they had so much to be done in Korea, but they boarded a plane instead.
Wooyoung: "I boarded the plane with fans congratulating me. And I suddenly broke into tears. The reason for that... later..." *studio bursts into laughs*
Khun's diary: I slept well on plane.
Chansung's diary is about he washed his hair at the airport in extremely happy mood.
They explain that on 04 29 they boarded the plane and left for the States.
And 30 minutes before the flight, while browsing the internet in business class, they found out that Without U reached No 1 on real time charts.
Junho was the one to announce the news: We reached No. 1.
 Everyone else *while eating*: Eh?
 They sat motionless for a minute or so after that with their spoons lowered and then went back to eating.
NHC says that it wasn't the first time that 2PM reached No. 1, but Junho says that they always feel happy to achieve No. 1 whenever a new album comes out.

_Wooyoung explains that he was moody becuz they boarded plane on April 29 and the next day was his birthday, but then staffs and the members celebrated his birthday on board so he was happy
Members prepared the celebration while Wooyoung was asleep.
flight attendants asked them to tell them in advance if they wanna do such event because it can bother other passengers
Khun Chan Taec boarded the plane right after some CF photoshoot, Chan said from Swimming scene (Caribbean Bay).
Chansung says that Khun's sleeping expression is distorted on that day on board as he was so tired.
NHC mentions that the boys achieved No. 1 even though Rain and Lee Hyori had their comebacks and the same time. Junho says that was why they felt even happier with their achievement, because they had to compete against big-name artists. NHC asks what are 2PM relationships with the two. Junho says that they contact Rain via phones. Sends msgs and etc.
NHC then asks whether Khun is close with Lee Hyori. Khun goes: EH?! And says that he's only seen her a couple of times during variety shows. He uses pronoun "we" almost as if him and Hyori were an item and everyone goes OOOOOOH~
Junho says they didn't recieve lots of congratulatory messages at the time, because they were on plane. He said they just congratulated each other and Junsu drank beer sitting next to him. lol

_Then NHC asks why Taec cried during guerilla concert.
Chansung says they were also very surprised by Taec crying. He says that the guerilla concert concept was different and they asked fans to come themselves. And they told them the place only 7 hours before the concert. But even with such little time the fans learned flash mob dancing moves for DSCS. So everyone was very moved and Taec suddenly started crying while saying his thanks.
Junho says that Taec didn't even cry when they received awards at the shows, so this time he must've been really moved to actually start crying.

-Without U plays-
NHC then asks if there's a person the boys cannot live without.
Nichkhun says it's the members. Then the DJ asked him again 'What about Hyori' Khun face got red
Then Junho suddenly notices that Khun's face gone very red and said his face looks like a rising sun. So NHC asks if there's on person among the members that Khun REALLY can't live without.
Khun says he needs them all.
Wooyoung says they can't live without Park Jinyoung. He's a very important person who helped made Wooyoung's dream come true.
Wooyoung says that Park Jinyoung is a real pro, and always points out what a person is lacking in his performance or so, without covering it up with lies. It makes them learn more.
Junho says he can't live without fans.
Chansung is basically forced to say he can't live without his parents, because that is what's left. So he mentions the parents of all members.

 _Chansung says that quite recently they had drinks with Taec's, Junho's and his parents.
Khun says his parents come to visit and always bring gifts.
NHC asks something about the biggest gift one can bring from Thailand.
Khun says elephant and everyone gets shocked but he actually means toy animal. He says the foreigners especially love buying those.
NHC asks what he likes the most about elephants. Khun says he likes their size.

_Then they talked a little bit about their style and concept and who makes clothes for their concept.
Khun says his new hairstyle was not his idea but he likes it, because it's different. Junho says that it wouldn't fit anyone else but Khun. Chansung says that if Taec were to go blond it would look really greasy.

-Don't Stop Can't Stop plays-
There's a corner which probes into the unknown sides of idol life.
1st question is what grabs one's attention in 2PM's dorm.
Everyone: TRASH
NHC then says it's weird because 2PM usually shows very neat appearances. The boys say that living room is the messiest.
Junho says that their rooms are usually tidy, but the living room is just... messy. He says it's Chansung's lair.
Chansung says he likes living-room because it has sofa, TV, computer. Also, Chansung and Junho recently became adults (coming of the age day, think Chansung in purple ribbon on PKL's Starry Night), and fans gave them lots of presents. Most of them are stacked in the living room.
They say they feel sorry for the dorm ajumma who has to clean their apartment because of all the things that are stacked there. Chansung says he felt so sorry for her not so long ago, that he went and cleaned stuff himself.
They say that Wooyoung's the type that cleans a lot.
Junho says that Chansung once cleaned the bathroom, but he didn't do it very well and Wooyoung nagged him with "So you've 'cleaned' this, right?"

_Then NHC asks whether someone wants to go into girl groups waiting rooms during music program shooting, but Chansung says he doesn't know. Instead, he says that sometimes the waiting rooms get changed and they march in by mistake into someone else's room.
Chansung says he's the closest with Wonder Girls. Everyone says it's a smart answer.
Khun then gets a question about someone's bad habits in car and he points to Chansung and his headphones (something about sounds coming too loud), but then he says that they forgive him because he's maknae and all. Maknae is the king.
Khun says that Chansung usually listens to R'n'B songs.
Junho says that when they travel somewhere by car it's best not to sit anywhere near to the biggest members. Khun says he can relate to that.
Wooyoung says that when they eat in the car and leave the trash sometimes the smell remains.
NHC then asks whether Wooyoung also cleans the car as well. Wooyoung says he sometimes does it along with the manager.
Wooyoung says that 2PM car is full of tissues.

_Junho says that Junsu is the member who spends most of the time talking on phone. He talks with his mother, aunt, friends and even his dogs through video phone and the dog ignores him.
Junho said he sacrificed his one finger to remove their hairs from the bathtub. He specifically used his okay fingers to remove them.

source :
Eng recaps by Egle@2pmalways,
Edited by Jas @2pmalways.com
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