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Goo Hara shocks everyone on Happy Together Season 3

In the continuation of the Happy Together Season 3 episode from last week, it was revealed that KARA’s Goo Hara had shocked everyone with a sudden action!

During the episode shown on May 20th, Goo Hara had prepared a U-Go-Girl special stage for her sunbaenims Lee Hyori and Rain, especially the latter whom Hara had revealed as her ideal type.

Before the performance, Rain started comparing Hara’s legs with his hands, saying that they were so thin. Then as everyone was focusing on Hara’s legs, Hara suddenly did something which left everyone flustered.

Hara, with her butt facing Rain and the other guests, started taking off her pink shorts, revealing her hot pants. It might be nothing to us viewers, but it was certainly shocking to have a 19-year old doing this in front of you suddenly.

They eventually settled down after a big commotion and Hara’s U-Go-Girl dance left Rain flustered throughout the performance.

Source: AKP, UnknownCarrot110

My stomach hurts from laughing so hard. Goo Hara is fearless. XD
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