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[10.05.24] Super Junior: Our role model is Shinhwa

Super Junior has recently come back with their 4th full album ‘Bonamana’. In an interview conducted in Apgujung recently, Super Junior shared their thoughts about their journey since their debut and their future plans.

◇Our role model is Shinhwa

This is their 6th year together since their debut in 2005, and they have gone on to become veterans respected by the junior idol groups. After their debut up until now, they have been enjoying great popularity and have remained at the top of their game, but they have often been troubled by the team’s position and identity. Leader Lee Teuk and Heechul, the eldest in the group, both see Shinhwa as their role model. Heechul said, “I want to have the status like that of the Shinhwa hyungs. I don’t have the intention of fighting it out with the juniors. It’d be good if we could be like Shinhwa, doing well as sonbae idols and taking good care of the juniors at the same time.”

Enjoying great popularity in Thailand, China, Taiwan and other Asian countries, Super Junior has expressed their plans to officially start their activities in Japan. Super Junior’s sub-group K.R.Y (Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Yesung) will be holding a concert in Japan in August this year.

Credits: Sportsseoul + Absolut Shinhwa

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