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Growing number of Korean men willing to be househusbands

Shin Jun-seop, 25, a college graduate who is currently looking for a job, is willing to become a househusband once he ties the knot.

"I don't think it's a bad idea that I stay home and raise the children when I am married, while my wife pursues her career," Shin said.

"It's not merely because I'm having difficulties in finding a job. I might not be the only man who agrees to the role reversal," he added.

Like Shin, more and more, young male adults regardless of whether they are jobless or not, have become open-minded about being a "stay-at-home dad."

Park Jang-woo, 30, an office worker living in Songpa-gu, Seoul, considers quitting his job several times a day whenever he has trouble at his workplace.

With his wife working as a pediatrician, Park feels less of a burden to be the bread earner. "I think I might become a househusband," he said.

A survey by a Yonsei University's student newspaper also revealed that nearly four in 10 male students said they were willing to be full-time homemakers after marriage.

In the survey of 563 male students and 756 female students, 209 males accounting for 37 percent of the total male respondents said they are okay with living as a househusband if their wives earned enough money.

Among them, 245 or 43.5 percent responded negatively about playing the role, while 109 or 19.4 percent had no comment.

"Traditionally, Korean women were supposed to take care of children and do the housework, but a shortage of jobs in the labor market today has changed the roles of husbands and wives, making many males willing to stay at home to raise the children. This means the roles and the lives of Koreans have started to become more diverse," said Lee Chang-un, professor of cultural anthropology at Yeungnam University.

In the meantime, asked on living together before marriage, some 45 percent of them answered, it was "okay," while 34.3 percent said "no."

Regarding sex before marriage, nearly half of them said "no problem," while 30 percent of them said "no."

Also, half of them said they think marriage is necessary and 48 percent of them said they would not marry partners whom their parents don't approve of, while 20 percent said they would.

Source: The Korea Times
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