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4Minute Song Included in South Korean Broadcast to North Korea


Yesterday, South Korea broadcast the 4minute song "HuH (Hit Your Heart)" over the radio as part of a propaganda program directed at North Korea.

The broadcast ended a six-year ban on propaganda and was delivered in retaliation for the sinking of a South Korean warship by a torpedo on March 26. The four-hour program, titled "The Voice of Freedom", began yesterday at 6 PM and boasted about the prosperity and freedom enjoyed by South Koreans. The anchor expounded upon the fact that South Koreans are so well-fed, they worry less about malnutrition than about the dangers of overeating, then criticized the North Korean government for keeping handouts for themselves while failing to feed their own people. The program also explained that South Korea wishes to share its prosperity with the North.

The 4minute song used in the "The Voice of Freedom" broadcast was likely chosen not only for its catchy tune but for its lyrics, which include the lines, "I do what I want and I do it my way" and "Baby, are you kidding me? I do as I please". Here is the music video with subtitles:

South Korean soldiers are currently rebuilding loudspeaker systems along the border to ensure that similar broadcasts will be heard.

Credit: Bloomberg and New York Times

Source: Soompi.  
Video source: AsianMusicVideoHD's Channel
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