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WonderGirls in tears, “SunMi is forever a Wonder Girls member”

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Tears fell as the WonderGirls talk about member SunMi as the forever member of the group.

The WonderGirls were on KBS WinWin aired on 25th May when they talked about member SunMi who left the group in February to continue her studies.

Leader SunYe said, “The most important thing is SunMi’s happiness. Even though WonderGirls’ happiness as a whole team is important, SunMi’s personal happiness is important too. Because this is about SunMi’s life, we thought we need to consider for her too. Even though at first it was hard to accept, but after that, we listened to SunMi more and could better understand and consider her choice.”

YeEun added, “There are people who asked if we are still in contact with one another. SunMi is forever a WonderGirls member. Today is our first broadcast, and SunMi has helped monitor us via text messages.” and was seen tearing after saying that.

SoHee said, “It seems SunMi monitors our activities more than we do for ourselves. She is currently studying hard now and we are supporting her on that. SunMi is always supporting and rooting for us, and she will not be forgotten whereever she will be.”

SunYe also send a video message, “I want to congratulate you for passing her GED examinations, and I hope we can have a session together and have a good chit chat. We will always be supporting you, so live well. Our SunMi whom we missed very much.”

Meanwhile, the girls also performance various hits on the show

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source: K Bites/sookyeong
video sources: 1, 2, 3
Tags: girls generation, tv shows, wonder girls, wooyoung

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