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2PM @ Kimbumsu Dream Radio - English recaps

Hebergement d'images

DJ says that since it's only 3 members present, they can become "avatars" for those 3 who are absent

 Junho says that since everyone has basically flashed their abs here or there, there's no nudity in Without U concept and they're saving flashier performance for the next album.

 DJ asked Junho what he thinks of people saying that he looks a bit like Rain. Junho said that lately people say that his face has changed somewhat and it gives away a different feeling. Like "It's Junho".

DJ suddenly asked for Junho's family name saying that since they do activities using just their given names, when it comes to family names, it's hard. And then DJ suddenly asks for Khun's family name and Khun says it's long. His family name is said and DJ goes: ... yeah it's long....

 Khun says Taec created an uproar during CaBi commercial.

Khun says that he likes samgyeobsal and altang. (Altang is made of seasoned and fermented seafood with chilli pepper).
DJ says that it's a very specific dish, people either hate it, or love it.

 DJ asks whether there are any specific commercials they'd like to do, and Wooyoung says he'd like to try out every thing there is.

 Khun says they receive stress because of their image. For example, when they need to go for CF shooting and there's no time to exercise, they end up training and pumping up mucles on the set.

Junho says that Chansung is the "greediest" when it comes to training and wanting to show the results of exercising. But in the end, Taecyeon is the one who gets to flash his abs the most.

Junho says that well, he likes pretty women, and perfect type is just a perfect type. (meaning, what you find in life is actually diff from what they say on air lol)

Wooyoung says that if you understand the other person's feelings/heart, and it's easy to talk to that person, it's ok.

DJ says, Wooyoung mentioned in other radio program that a famous female celebrity tried to ask him out once. Wooyoung says that nowadays they're good friends with that "seonbae-nim".
During the Avatar part, Junho plays Junsu, Wooyoung --> Taec; Khun does Chansung.

 Taec-Wooyoung gets asked whether he keeps in contact with Moon Geun Young, and if he calls her nuna.

 Chan-Khun gets asked about two nicknames "Old Maknae" and "Neighbourhood's Idiot". Khun says: I really like those two. It suits me a lot.

 Su-Junho gets asked about the naked member pics that he takes, whether he's going to sell them and whose pics would be the most expensive. The answer is: Junho's. He says that Junho's lower abdomen bones  (hip dip) are very charming. DJ: even though he doesn't train? Junho: It's an inborn thing.

Taec-Wooyoung says that since he takes off his clothes the most it should be his pics that are the most expensive.

 Junho keeps on praising himself in Junsu's stead, lol. Saying that even though Taecyeon shows better results in training, Junho originally trained more.

A radio listener sends in a message saying that Taec's Busan-saturi is coming out.
  Wooyoung (as Taec): *in saturi* But I'm AM from Busan originally! Lived in Busan for 10 years.

 Wooyoung praises himself in Taec's stead, saying he helped a lot in Taec's saturi training.

DJ makes a mistake. He asks about Wooyoung's hometown but makes it sound as 'cat' (in Korean, hometown = gohyang, cat = goyangi. DJ was supposed to say gohyangi, but he said goyangiga). Wooyoung goes with the joke and says "meow".

  DJ: Taecyeon, you also lived in Boston for 6 moths right?
  WY: 6 years...
  DJ: Well, then in English the...
  Khun (in background): kekeke you're screwed.

So DJ asks Wooyoung to present their newest single in English
   WY says that there are also many Koreans in Boston... (tries to avoid the question)

 DJ then says that Khun lived in Korea for 4 years and he's so good in Korean, that means living in Boston for 6 years should make one's English very good. Eventually it ends with Junho saying that "Taec" has been doing so much of saturi lately that he forgot English lol

DJ reads listener's message: Junsu-oppa, is it true that you're taking Junho-oppa to gatherings/meetings (with girls)?

Junho (as Junsu) says that Junho has no interest in women and only cares about music, fans and the members. He's a very nice boy.

A listener points out that "Chansung" oppa probably speaks English better and Nichkhun gets to introduce their new single in English. He mumbles a bit and says our "title kok" instead of "title song" xD

Chan-Khun says "Junsu-hyung is also good at English".

   DJ: Taecyeon-sshi, as an idol fashion representative, what do you think of WY's casual dressing style?
   Taec-WY: Ah... I really respect it.
   DJ: Ok. pass~
  Listener: Chansung-oppa, what do you think about the fact that most of the people say Khun is the best looking in 2PM? I personally think that Chansung-oppa is the best looking.
  Khun: Oh, thank you very much.
  DJ: Are you really being sincere?
  Khun: Of course. Khun-hyung is good looking and all, but I think I have a different type of charm. I look old even though I'm the youngest ^^
Later in the program they receive Junsu's call and he comments on almost everything that happened during the avatar part.
Hebergement d'images

Hebergement d'images

Hebergement d'images

Hebergement d'images

Hebergement d'images

Hebergement d'images

Hebergement d'images

Hebergement d'images

Hebergement d'images

Source:here@2pmalways , pics here.
Eng Recaps by Egle @2pmalways
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