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2PM @ Lee Soyoung's Music Show - English recaps

Hebergement d'images

The DJ screamed out with joy since she is one of the DJs whom Khun had offered to pay for a meal, totaling 5 of them. They ordered over 10 dishes and Khun paid for those all. Therefore, The DJ asked Khun if the price was shocking. Khun said he was OK about that. She teased him ‘the rich boy.’

The DJ continued by asking whether Khun often pay for member’s food. Khun said that he usually did that. Junsu told that when they had been trainees, Khun was the one, often paid for others. “You had been rich already?” the DJ questioned. Ha made an excuse that he had solo activities in Thailand, so he had a little more money than others did. That is why he paid for his friends and seniors.

They talked about Junsu and Wooyoung’ sickness. Junsu hurt his knee while dancing. Wooyoung had his vocal cord swollen while Nichkhun was and is completely healthy yet running short of money.

On wooyoung’s Birthday, his fans gave him so many presents that he was grateful and cried. The Most expensive gift is the keyboard, which he uses for his composition, and it allows him to play beautiful pieces. He thanked the fans and expressed that he was so happy.


“We are nervous and feel pressured everytime with an album release. We are worried whether we have done well or not”, Wooyoung’ s feeling when he got No.1 ranking.

 On the day they clinches the first place, other member were fooling around, except for Wooyoung who was dancing attentively.

wooyoung " I think there should be someone who dance, don't know why"

Khun: "It wa becuase of he love to dance."

Wooyoung " It has become my routine"

Khun "Because of his throat, he cannot sing so he dance instead."

"2PM has made a debut almost for 2 years, receiving a lot of love. Do you feel that you are going to be successful with each song launched" Wooyoung said he did not know, asking Junsu to reply the question but Junsu did not know either.

Therefore Khun answered this question for them "Apart from the songs, We give the importance to our performances too. We were worried a lot about this album since We have not so much time for preparation. We have not been done so well on stages. This time, no flips or acrobatic moves but be prepare for lots of those movements in next album."

Fans inquired that was there any song that enjoy popularity beyond their expectation. Woyoung's answer is No. they have never expected any prize.

Junsu said that we had never thought that Heartbeat would be well loved by people as the first time hearing it, everyone commented " What is this??" He could not imagine the performance or the dance. NamyoungShin Hyung conceived the heart concept, the song was then famous. The heartbeat dnace became a hit that everyone dances to.

The performances for this album is not that striking but they promised that next album will be kick ass.

The DJ asked if Junsu got his knee injury becuase of rehearsing the song 'Without you.' He revealed that actually, he got hurt while practicing DSCS. Wooyoung told that "2 weeks after that, we went recording Music Bank and 30 minutes before the performance, when he sit crossed-leg on the floor, he cried with pain" ๋ีJunsu was asked how old he is and when she acknowledged that he is 24, she said " Your body seems to be effete."

Next is answering the question section From Nichnhun to Wooyoung

" I have heard that your ideal type is Sooyoung Nuna. (the DJ) Have you changed your mind?" Wooyoung "Personally, I like Sooyoung Nuna'style. I still like her."

NichKhun "Older women are OK?"

Wooyoung "That is correct... as long as we understand each other."

The DJ tried to confirm his answer and Wooyoung reaffirmed that she is his style. So, the DJ asked about what her style is, getting the reply that "You have beautiful voice...Saranghamnida. I admire you"

NichKhun "Will you guys get married"

The DJ "Will you marry me?"

Wooyoung "Next song, please"

Junso to Wooyoung "Since you have study English very hard, talk to Khun shortly and please speak in dialect with me"

Recently, Wooyoung love to learn English, Ha said when he finished the book he read, he would be able to speak as much as an American Kindergarten student. However, when the DJ asked what American Kindergarten student is in English, his reply is apple.

Nichkhun to Wooyoung ‘What did you eat for lunch?’ (In English)

Wooyoung “What? Speak slower.”

So Nichkhun asked again, at the same time Junsu tried to translate the question. Wooyoung finally answer "Today? I had samgyobsal"

Junsu enjoys talking to Khun in dialect.

Junsu "Khun, please buy me food" (in dialect)

Khun "What did you say?" (in dialect)

Junsu "Rice, buy me some of it"

Nichkhun "Let's go"

DJ "Khun, please pay for my meal."

Khun "OK"

DJ *Scream*

Wooyoung to Junsu "Junsu and Nichhun usually calls their parents, What did you and your parents talked about?"

Junsu summarized that he calls his parent twice a day and often sends SMS and EMS. Sometimes, his family sent his pictures of his dog. In Parent's day, he gave them money. Although it wasnot large amount of money, his mother was very happy while he father was yet satisfied. 

Hebergement d'images

Hebergement d'images

source: here@2pmalways , pics here
Eng translation:Kagetsu Crackerbaby K.@2pmalways

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