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Zhou Mi is sitting for an exam today in Beijing

Zhoumi of Super Junior M had just updated his Sina WeiBo no longer ago. In the post, he uploaded a fresh selca of himself holding some books in black and white. It seems that he's quite nervous and worry about his exam today. However, we wish Zhoumi and everyone who's having the exam now will get a great result! Hwaiting!


周觅_SJM:Kinda miss the days of being a student, really wish that there is a chance to return back to the school to study… Rushed back to Beijing for today’s exam, was hugging* the textbook the whole time yesterday when (I) was having meeting with Manager, resulting in my brain being filled with alphabets now. Feels like a high-schooler keke… Jiayou Jiayou**!!

T/N: * Hugging: Means to keep holding on to the textbook
** Jiayou: Hwaiting in chinese

Credit: Zhou Mi SINA Wei Bo
Translations by: minoko2440 @ sapphirepearls.com
Take out with full credits. Do not add your own.

Source: dkpopnews
Tags: super junior-m

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