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People from United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Jordan, Venezuela and ~Mexico~, rejoice!

Lee Min Ho’s “Personal Taste” sells to 3rd world countries

Korean actor Lee Min-ho is proving his Hallyu star status with his recent TV series "Personal Taste" selling to five countries in the Third World.


According to an industry source on Thursday, the MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama has been sold to United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Jordan, Venezuela and Mexico.



"These countries are very interested in Lee Min-ho's exotic looks in particular," the source was quoted as saying. "They are even asking if he is really Korean."

He also added that Lee is "likely to further solidify his position as a major Hallyu influence during the latter half of the year" as the overseas broadcast could bring about a new generation of Korean Wave craze, even if the series had only sold for a moderate price.

So far, the only Korean drama to have been exported to South America or Middle East was MBC's 2004 hit "Jewel in the Palace", which starred top Korean actress Lee Young-ae.

Lee, 22, became a household name in Korea and throughout Asia last year with the success of KBS drama "Boys Over Flowers".



In "Taste", he played a man pretending to be gay in order to move in with a female roommate, played by Korean actress Son Ye-jin.

source: Mumuy

omg, so excited! I've waited for so long to have kdramas on my tv

but knowing my luck it'll probably be on cable >:(

by the way, this is my first post. If I made some mistake, tell me and I'll fix it

ETA: Ok, there's been a lot of comments about the term “3rd world countries” used in the article and I just want to point out that the correct term for these countries is “countries in development” or “developing countries” and that it's obvious whoever wrote this article is an idiot and doesn't know anything about politics

oh, and I added tags
Tags: lee min ho, tv shows

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