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Best Friends Amongst Idols

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Although there is friendly rivalry between idol groups, one can’t help to also form close friendship with each other in the music industry. Who are the best of friends among these idol groups?

The most famous friendship among fans is perhaps 2AM’s JoKwon and Wonder Girls’ leader SunYe. They knew each other ever since they were in 6th grade and trained under JYP Entertainment for a long time that the two developed a strong bond.

Reminiscing their friendship, JoKwon tweeted, “A friend I have not seen a while. Today, although we did not say anything, we knew how tired we both were, and ended up crying. These tears were not only for the times we’ve endured, but also for our hopes and memories.”

Another idol-best friends in the list are DBSK’s Jaejoong and Boa. Their friendship is also well-known among the fans as Jaejoong once revealed, “Boa and I are close enough to be able to tell each other about our worries, and give each other relationship advice.” Boa also expressed her warm feelings towards Jaejoong as she stated once that she cherishes him.

Super Junior’s Sungmin and SNSD’s Sunny also shared a close friendship that they were once accused of dating. They both became a DJ in a radio where they revealed each other’s secrets and goofed around each other.

The last on the list for now are Super Junior’s Heechul and f(x)’s Sulli. Selca pictures between these two always surface the net. Heechul even advised Sulli, “If anything happens, such as another male celebrity asking you out, you have to tell me first,” showing the brother-sister love between them.

Idol groups are always fighting over the number one spot, but you bet in backstage they enjoy each other’s company. Can you name more idol-best friends?

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they missed out key and nicole..

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