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Four groups of guests performed during the Live Event - JAY'ED took the stage first, followed by W-inds, VANNESS and Big Bang.

The final guests who adorned this one-night-only special live were - BIG BANG!

At the instance when four of them appeared on the stage and started singing their first song of tonight - 「Gara Gara Go!! 」, very, very,very loud cheers were evoked among the audience. With the flow of the melody, everyone at the floor were dancing and hopping together with Big Bang.

'Woah! That's terrific!'

Just as what V.I. had cried out, the floor was filled with great enthusiasm. A simple wave of hands from the stage would stir a great laughter together with endless shouts of joy in the hall.

During Big Bang's second song, 「Number 1」, tonight's show entered its climax earlier than one would have expected. Last night, Big Bang also performed at 「MTV WORLD STAGE VMAJ 2010」as presenters. Yet none of them looked tired.

Quoted from D-lite, 'the most interesting moment is the time when we stand on the stage.'

If one saw their performance tonight, one would understand the meaning of D-lite's words. It seemed that five of them really enjoyed tonight's live show. As they ran from one side to the other side of the stage, greeting and making smiling winks to the audience, they were really 'playing' on the MTV LIVE stage.

The intro of the new song 「Tell Me Goodbye」,which is slated for release in June, again arose loud screams and cheers from the floor. When SOL requested 'Everybody, Sing!' and turned his mic towards the audience, all one could hear was the wonderful chorus. Such a marvelous scene would be the best proof for the popularity of Big Bang's songs among music lovers.

The next song was 「HOW GEE」. With the unimaginably-fast rap presented by G-Dragon and T.O.P, the stadium turned into a total festive mood.

Big Bang's stage of tonight reached it's second climax during the lively dance tune of「HANDS UP 」.

Bigbang entered the stage again due to non-stoppable shouts of 'Encore'. The audience welcomed them back with the loudest applause of the night. The whole stadium sang a chorus of 「Koe wo Kikasete」(Let Me Hear Your Voice). Following that was 「My Heaven」, during which the audience hopped so synchronisely that they even made the stadium shake.

With that, entered the finale of this one-night-only special live.

As usual, at the end of MTV LIVE, artists who performed tonight took group photos together.

Many thanks to the audience who created a full house of this show and supported the live with their cheers. It was really an enjoyable and touching MTV LIVE show.

Hope to see you guys again in the future...!


Set List:

Gara Gara Go
Number 1
Tell Me Goodbye
How Gee
Hands Up

Koe wo Kikasete (Let Me Hear Your Voice)
My Heaven


Big Bang performed today at MTV Live but the event will only be shown on TV (MTV Japan) on June 27. Here's the schedule:

June 27 : 3:00PM-4:00PM
June 28 : 4:00AM-5:00AM (Replay)
June 28 : 10:00AM-11:00AM (Replay)
June 30 : 3:30PM -4:30PM (Replay)
[Japan Time]

S: bigbangupdatesmtvjapantwitter.com/ryosukeimaitwitter.com/pekokotataigatwitter.com/winds_keita + ncly @ soompi + bigbangupdates + bbupdates2010 @ yt

omg they performed tell me goodbye ;O
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