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[Star diary, Part 8] "If that person were to be my last love..."

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I like someone who cares for others.

Taeyang’s ideal type is a woman with a sincere and pure image. Rather than someone with outstanding looks, he’d rather have someone who cares for others and is warm. And he doesn’t leave out the fact that he wants to meet someone he really likes.

Instead of an instant kind of love, he wants a serious relationship. Sometimes he thinks that the way he can’t comfortably meet lots of people as too bad, but he says that he wants a meeting that he can see through to the end.

It’s possible to meet someone and get along and continue to have a good relationship, but it doesn’t work for me. Rather than having someone I can meet when I have some spare time, I want someone I can be thankful for because they’re there. If I were to meet someone I like tomorrow I want that person to be my last love.

With his serious personality, Taeyang has a lot of worries when it comes to love. But because he hasn’t had the experience of deep relationships there are times when he feels like something’s lacking as he’s trying to express himself in song. Since he doesn’t have any experience with love nor does he have any memories of devastating scars, there are times when he can only express himself from his imagination.

Oh my goodness, so cute! That eye smile <3

Rather than an encounter where we fight and hurt each other and break up, I want to meet someone I really like and love her. But when I’m singing about scars that love can leave there are a lot of times when I imagine, ‘it could be like this.’ Even during ‘Only Look at Me’ I had to sing sorrowfully without having such experience. I just sang with a ‘I really love you’ feeling.

He is of the worrisome and opportunity-filled age of 22. With his calmness and seriousness, he gives thought to every step forward that he takes. His genuine and honest words, without any know-it-all conceit or senselessness, feels rather more trustworthy.

Source: Asiae
Translation: seungie@tumblr via
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