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SHINee, SNSD, 2PM, 4minute and other idol group members vote for the first time

Many in Korea are headed for the polling station to cast their vote as it’s local election day, but the names that caught the eyes of most were members from popular idol groups like 2PM, 4minute, SHINee, SNSD and more!

On this day, one or two, three members from these groups came out and voiced their nationalism as they took part in the election process for the very first time.

The idols include 2PM’s Chansung, 4minute’s Gayoon, SHINee’s Jonghyun and Onew, with SNSD’s Sunny, Yoona and Yuri rounding up the basic lineup.

Gayoon and Chansung were the first to appear at separate voting stations this morning. Chansung was looking bright and smiling, seemingly cured from his gastroenteritis illness. Gayoon meanwhile spotted a bandage over her right eye, citing an injury but still turned up sportingly in person to vote for the first time.

Yoona arrived at around 1pm and said, “It was more nerve wrecking than my first live performance. For a few weeks now, I’ve been looking over policies and such very carefully with my parents. I feel patriotic and happy for participating in this event.”

Sunny who voted at 3pm also shared her thoughts, “I’m really happy about this election because SNSD got to sing for it. I’ve come along way for my first vote and with that in mind, I will be more conscious of our nation’s politics.”

Of course the idols mentioned above are not the only ones to have participated in the election and were just the names that made headlines. Other idol members who cast their first ever ballot were Hyoyeon and Sooyoung from SNSD, all members of Secret and 2NE1’s badass leader CL.

Source: allkpop

I wanna see someo OnHyun pictures voting too plz.
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