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KARA broadcast ban decision .. "Victim" or "Natural Matter"

Following KBS, MBC also announced on the 20 May that KARA’s World Cup Song "We are with you" is inappropriate to be broadcasted on its channel.

KARA's World Cup Song "We are With You" is initially to be used for SBS world Cup Campaign, but now it is deemed to be more of an ad song to promote specific product which indirectly promote the broadcaster station itself.

Thus, KARA's world cup Song cannot be seen on both KBS and MBC music program. Netizens poured their conflicting views after hearing this news.

One netizen responded on entertainment board, "KARA's world cup song is to cheer as well, the decision to ban from broadcast is just too much." Another netizen too wrote "Broadcasting competition, only cause KARA to become victim."

However, there were also opposite opinion. One netizen "MBC and KBS decision to ban the broadcast not because of competition. Originally it is designed as background music for SBS campaign, of course (it's natural that) you can only hear the song from SBS."

Another Netizen also said, "Other promotional songs are not banned, It's a problem if only KARA's song is banned, but I can see others also get banned such as Kim Jang-hoon's song, Hwang SeonHeong Band's song all together are banned because of broadcasting competition."

Earlier on KBS, KT as well as SKT CF, respectively appeared Hwang Seon-Hong Band's 'The Shouts of Reds' and Kim Jang-Hoon's 'Ring one more time' also banned as it contains the nature of indirect advertising broadcast.

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