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Male songwriter gets sexually assaulted by a male comedian

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Among the countless celebrity-rape cases we’ve had this year, this one’s definitely not an average one.

An unknown male songwriter B has filed in a lawsuit against a well-known male comedian A, for attempting to engage in a sexual intercourse by force.

This, for lack of a better word, gay action was done under the influence of alcohol in April at A’s house. At the time, victim B had a close relationship with A as friends, and often had late-night outings. On the day of the incident, A and B as well as few of their friends were drinking late at night. After getting heavily drunk, A and B decided to drink even more at A’s house.

B claims, “While sleeping drunk at A’s house during midnight, A took off all his clothings and removed mine after. [While both of us were naked,] A attempted to touch me sexually.

Currently, B is meeting a therapist receiving proper mental treatment. According to reports, B is being highly suicidal, and long-term rest is very needed.

A’s representative revealed against the victim’s claims, “A was actually preparing to sue the victim B as well, however, decided to not to take any action. B even has been demanding money from A by often threatening him. A is feeling very upset toward the situation and will be defending himself strongly with valid evidence to prove that he is indeed innocent.

Although the Korean culture is immensely intolerant of homosexuality, gay rape does not count as federal crime in Korea. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that B will win the lawsuit.

[Thanks to JimmyJeong for the tip.]

Source: AKP
Tags: court / legal issues, crime, lgbt / rights
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