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Mnet names TOP a GQMF, Yunho a hobo

Fashion and style trends are led by Idol Groups. From past idol group like Fin. KL in the 90's and current leading Fashionista Idol group, BIG BANG takes on being the most fashionable stars.

Aired in Mnet 'Trend Reports' on June 10 [watch it here] is the style ranking of The 'Best & Worst' Fashion Idol by the past and current idol members in public.

The top two stars that were ranked as the "Best Fashion Idol" includes BIGBANG's TOP.
TOP's fashion sensibility is vaguely distinguished with his countenance who perfectly matches a white jacket with skinny jeans and a pair of crisp-white studded footwear.

Meanwhile, idols that were ranked "Worst Fashion Idol' also includes TVXQ Yunho, who wore a loose-fitting pants and off-seasonal clothes which made him even matured than his actual age.

[Translated only selected parts. Original article here.]

Source: nate
Translation : ♠ Jy. @
do not remove or change any of the credits

lol, Hyunjoong was also voted a worst dressed idol in the original article.
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