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Super Junior on ESPN (lol)

Super Junior have enough band members to form their own soccer team, with substitutes.

World Cup inspires global music surge

By now you've probably heard Shakira's or K'Naan's songs promoting the World Cup, and if you haven't, you'll be humming them by month's end.

The Life has scoured the web in search of noteworthy World Cup anthems. We've narrowed it down to 11 soccer-ific songs, from tunes in heavy rotation to some that are a little more obscure. Which song do you like the best?

But the World Cup is the globe's largest spectacle, so naturally two songs just won't do. We've scoured the Web to provide you with 11 songs to vote on, leaving it to you to pick which song (official or unofficial) is the best.

But in reality, does it really matter who wins? The only important thing is that it drowns out the awful vuvuzelas. Unless of course you're into that hornet-swarming sound the South African noisemakers create for 90 minutes.

Song title: "Victory Korea"
Artist: Super Junior
Country: North and South Korea
Breakdown: The 2010 World Cup marks the first time that both North and South Korea have qualified for the same World Cup since separating in 1948. In fact, this is North Korea's first appearance at a World Cup since its quarterfinal run in 1966. So in promoting a Korean heavy impact in South Africa, South Korean boy band Super Junior, or simply SuJu, came out with a unifying Korean anthem for the upcoming World Cup. And in case you were wondering why they're called Super Junior, they have 13 members, making them one of the largest boy bands in the world. And now you know. "Victory Korea" will also advance the upcoming film "Dreams Come True," which is about North and South Korean soldiers uniting through soccer.

ESPN for the whole list =)

anyone watching the world cup right now? i know i am....
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