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Night Star" Onew's worry towards "too little screen-time"; Gil suggested to shave his head

In the recent KBS 2TV's overnight variety program "Night Star", Gil suddenly suggested SHINee Onew to shave his head.

Most of Onew's screen time in Episode 3 was of him laughing or eating. Hence, Onew expressed his worries: "My screen time on this show seems too little". Gil responded: "Let me tell you how to create spotlight in variety shows" and confidently suggesting him to shave his head. Towards this ridiculous suggestion, Onew replied very smartly, and from that moment onwards, his variety sense had been explosive. He kept on showing outstanding variety skills and comparing with the weird and witty Gil, he didn't lose out which left Shin Dong Yup and Yoon Jong Shin with a huge shock.

Hereupon, Onew and Gil's funny interactions could be seen in the recording with their unique conversations which made people around them burst into laughter.

This episode will broadcast on June 13th at 11:15pm.

Source: newsen
Original Article: HERE
Chinese Translations: 笨笨@闪耀星球(No Link)
English Translations: vivz@soompi

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