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Nichkhun's GQ Interview + Photos

The magazine interviewed Nichkhun via e-mail after the studio shooting which 2PM’s Without You had received the No.1 spot from Music Bank on the 3rd week of May. Nichkhun sent answers to us around 3 in the morning, apologizing for his late reply. He said that he was so busy and we might have been sleeping, telling us to have a nice dream.

Nichkhun seems fit smoothly in posing with female models. We can imagine your face and your eye’s wink when we proposed the model to touch your ears.

-Did I do that? I love to be photographed for the way I look different from shooting MVs or standing on stages. In fact, sometimes I got confused with a shooting concept but I have fun because staff acted it out for me. I like taking photos with beautiful models very much, maybe they brighten the shooting scene.

2PM has a strong manly appearance but we cannot feel that image form you. What do you think of the word, ‘sexy’?

-I think idols have no need to be only pretty or cute. We can show several images of us to fans as they will not get tired. More importantly, sexy is a compliment, isn’t it? It is not easy for everyone to see me as cute or charming person. In my opinion, to be sexy is difficult. Nevertheless, should fans tired of calling us sexy, we will try another new thing.

There is the poll in a website, “Which one you prefer ‘Gentle Nickhun’ or ‘Charismatic Nichkhun.’ Could you guess the result?

- It is gentle one, right? I am as masculine as Taecyeon so Charisma does not go along well with my image. However, like I have said, I want everyone to see the sides of me.

You got it right. The ratio of Charismatic one to gentle one is 1:9. What do you think about your image to which most women should be of interest?
- People like calling me angel or Thai prince…Of course, I do not mind being named like those. There are no reasons to dislike it but in reality, it is not true. I often make mistakes, get angry, and sometimes I am in a lot of distress. I am just an ordinary guy. I hope that when everyone get to know the real me, they would not be disappointed.

Your Characteristic seems to attract women. Have you ever thought of men's opinion about you? Men would have a chance to view your photos published too. They would not think anything when they see you so how do you feel?
- Honestly, I do not know. It would be good if they like me.

When did you feel that you are an adult?
- Since I started working and felt responsible, to be exact, when I have to finish all works on time. I should behave well to people around me.

Did you change or stay the same when you have become an adult?
- I changed drastically. I have grown from a boy to a man who have to be responsible of my actions and works. Besides, I always bear in mind that I am grown up.

Even though you are an adult, have you been not allowed to have a girlfriend? JYP said that ‘If you are successful, women will come to you naturally.”

- I have heard it all along. To be famous means everyone in the world knows who you are but you have to work hard and should not feel satisfied with yourself immediately. If you are pleased with yourself, you are going nowhere. I could not agree more with the thought.

It seems that your teenage’ years has passed. Is the question “Do you watch porn” appropriate? Since I have started the topic, let’s talk about it.

- Haha, I was asked in a radio a few days ago and I answered “I am also a man.” Although I have a baby face, I am still a man. I have curiosity like others.

Have you ever watched it with 2PM members? Anyway, sorry if this seems to be a teacher-student interrogation.

- Never. I have never watched it with anyone. I would be totally embarrassed.

You are not very talkative because you are not fluent at Korean?

- Exactly! I love to have a conversation. I am funny yet I am afraid that I might make a mistake so I keep quite. However, I have gradually become talkative. In the future, I am going to talk more. I want to develop my Korean skills.

What is the difference when you speak in Thai and Korean?

-I feel liberated but it does not mean that I lie or make myself look good while I am talking in Korean.

All of a sudden, you came to work here and got famous. Your life seems to be unstable. Before becoming an artist, you might not have an interest in Korean affairs.

- When I was young, my parents owned a Hyundai car. I had known nothing about Korea, except Hyundai cars, before I signed the contract with JYP. Nevertheless, while I am staying in Korea, I try to live and think like Koreans since I have taken on their language and the culture. The Korean uniqueness is obsession. Korean absorbed so much in what they do and they have high confidence. These are very special. They are reasons why foreigners pay attention to Korea.

Currently, what does 2PM mean to you?

-A family. Everyone’s answer is the same.

How do you feel with “Nichkhun, the outcast”?

- It is the rumor on the internet and many people misunderstood. To be short, it is just a rumor, not true at all. 2PM members love me as much as I love them. We are like brothers; we are closed and help each other.

Family is like crutches but they can cause us big wounds. Now, 2PM is on top of charts but the band encounters complicated and unstable situation. How do you discuss this matter among the members?

-We talk only when we have a problem, about what is necessary in improving oneself in both group and individual aspects. We help pointing out our weakness which reinforces our closeness.

Among the chaos, what do fans mean to you? -Without them, we cannot live.

-They are like the air that is important to humans.

There might be many things that you have lost or forgotten because of the busy schedule. If you have free time, you would like to sleep, wouldn’t you?

-That is right. I want to sleep and find something delicious to eat. I also want to go to the sea with my family. Besides, I want to travel and learn about other cultures, we can get knowledge in every place.

Recently, what have you been most thinking of?

-I always think about the future. While I have strength, I will put effort on works so that when I get old and do not have energy, I can rest assuredly. If I have a family, I can give them comfortable lives. These are what I think.

What kind of guys Nichkhun is?

- An ordinary guy who want good opportunity and living, trying to live in this world. Although I make a mistake, I will not fool myself. I am not a prince or an angel, just human but more importantly, I am lucky.

Would you like to make a compliment on yourself?

- I am happy with what I am doing now. When I think back about how far I have been, I am delight yet not satisfied. I am still thirst for more so I will never be satisfied till I am a millionaire and be married.

credit: 2pmalways, popseoul

I love his whythefuckisthisbitchtouchingme face in the last on the left.
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