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Wonder Girls & 2PM live in San Francisco

HQ photos of Wonder Girls and 2PM live at the Fillmore in San Francisco on June 13, 2010! The last show of the first leg of the Wonder World Tour, and the last show that 2PM will open for (for now anyway, lol).

Omona's poster child doing her signature pose! ♥


Not my sign lol. But I did think it was sweet to include ALL the members of both groups, past and present :)

Taecyeon wasn't there since he had to go back to Korea early to film FO2. Junho did some rapping instead!

Junsu's not normally my bias but holy crap. He is REALLY GORGEOUS in person.

I LOVE Junho and Chansung but unfortunately at this point the shoving got really bad and all my pictures came out blurry. So I just gave up and enjoyed the show LOL.

Wonder Girls

Pictures really do not do Yoobin justice. She is breathtaking IRL.

This "I Wanna"/"Goodbye" (lesser known but completely underrated WG songs) + "Dontcha" cover medley was so badass and amazing.

Lim is really cute. Her English is practically accent-less and she's very sweet.

Ohhhhh Park Ye Eun. Where do I start. 1) Her body is BANGIN'. 2) Her voice is out of this world. 3) Her stage presence is unparalleled.

Sunye is probably one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen lol. Her voice is also unreal, as is her dancing.

Sohee's dancing is underrated. It really is. "Single Ladies" is not easy to dance to and let me just tell you--home girl SHUT IT DOWN. Her popping is really better than what 90% of the K-pop community can do. People underestimate her because they focus on her singing weaknesses but when it comes to dancing, she works it.

I was really close! Right at the barricade; Ye Eun touched my hand when she reached out :)

The "snow" was really soap bubbles. Made everything sticky :( But nice effect anyway~

Appa Ye Eun and omma Sunye and their bb ♥


And finally...

Sunye cried (tears of joy! tears of pain!) at the end! It was right after they finished singing the encore of "Nobody"....poor thing, she held her head back for a while just so she wouldn't cry. But in the end she did, and then I started crying just looking at her. /is lame

  • Probably doesn't need to be said, but everyone (both 2PM and WG) are so. freaking. beautiful IRL. This isn't even my bias speaking either. There wasn't a pore in sight and they were all so tall and gorgeous and out-of-this-world good-looking. People like Khun and Chansung and Ye Eun and Sunye are a given, but Sohee and Junsu were definitely the most breath-taking of the night imo.

  • At one point, Sohee sang into the wrong end of the mic for a few seconds, LOL. But quickly corrected herself. Speaking of, during "Nobody", you know Sohee's "backwards Pacman" hand move during her part? I did the same move when she did it and after she pointed at me and winked. She is really the cutest thing.

  • The cheers for Wonder Girls were deafening. Nothing like the fiasco at the D.C. show like first reported. I think some people tried chanting "2-P-M!" at the end but they were quickly drowned out by "WON-DER-GIRLS!!! WON-DER-GIRLS!!!"

  • Meet-and-greet...yeah, underwhelming. There were so many people so you only got one photo which lasted about 10 seconds. WG were friendly (especially Sohee!! She is not an ice queen AT ALL. Just shy on TV.) albeit tired. Same for 2PM.

  • Cool story, bro moment: turdferguson went before me and she stole my thunder told Wooyoung she loved him, and I saw Khun looked disappointed/jealuz (LMAO) and turned to Junho to whisper something. So when it was my turn, I said, "Khun, I love you too." and Khun was like "oh aww ty ^________^". AND THEN HE LEANED WITHIN INCHES OF MY FACE for the photo adl;s,a;lrkmleaklfe;a; STILL SQUEALING. I also blew a kiss to Wooyoung afterward and he "caught it" with this clasping motion of his hand; it was so cute.

  • Lastly....2PM put on one hell of a show (Junsu was dancing! Junho was rapping! Wooyoung did the ending for Heartbeat for the first time in God knows how long!), but then Wonder Girls came on and wowowowowowWOW. I'm biased to begin with but there's no denying the energy, passion, professionalism and charisma these girls brought. They make all my stanning justified.

Source: Me (album (more pics there!); my YouTube)
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